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Facts and Questions about your fire equipment and Aqua Fire Prevention:

All commercial premises would have a combination of CO2 gas fire extinguishers and Foam fire extinguishers. We provide a free survey to specify the correct type and quantity for you.

A combination of Co2 gas and foam fire extinguishers are best for offices.

A combination of Co2 gas and foam fire extinguishers will be required. Powder or wet chemical units may also be required for special risks. We can complete a survey for you.

A Co2 gas and foam fire extinguisher are best for those working from home.

Yes we supply powder and foam units of all sizes and type.

We can provide a free of charge survey of your premises to confirm quantities.

Fire extinguishers are specified based upon the specific risks on your premises and we can advise you on this. Product labelling and data sheets will also assist you on their suitable usage.

Yes we do, through our sister company we maintain and service all emergency lighting in line with Irish Standard (IS 3218 & IS 3217).

Aqua Fire Prevention recommends a small powder fire extinguisher and a fire blanket in the kitchen area.

There is no specific legal requirement, however, we advise all employers to provide suitable fire equipment for employees to discharge their obligations under staff health & safety requirements 

Fire extinguishers must be serviced annually, tested & refilled every 3 years and replaced after 10 years.

Fire extinguishers MUST be serviced at least ONCE per year.



PULL –  Pull the pin to break the tamper seal.

AIM  –  Aim, pointing the nozzle at the base of the fire.

SQUEEZE – Squeeze the nozzle to discharge the extinguishing agent.

SWEEP – Sweep from side to side at the base of the fire until it is completely distinguished.

The person “IN CONTROL” of the premises at the time of the fire has the responsibility. This is normally a Director, Manager, Internal Fire Officer, Safety Officer or a shift or production manager.

All persons in the workplaces have a duty of care for themselves and their colleagues under The Fire Services Act 1981.

Yes, you are legally obliged to provide adequate fire safety training to your staff and we provide varying types of fire training courses.

Yes, we can provide you with all of the information that they require in relation to your fire safety equipment.

Your landlord is legally obligated to ensure your fire safety. They should provide a fire blanket and a fire extinguisher suitable for the risks present.

Yes, to ensure your safety, your employer should provide you suitable fire equipment and also maintain this equipment annually.

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