Fire Warden Training

This course is suited to those who are responsible for overseeing fire safety in your business.

All designated fire wardens/marshals and their deputies and anyone who has a safety role within your business.

It includes all aspects of our General fire Safety training course with additional sections to cover the specific duties assigned to all fire managers, fire wardens and their deputies.

For large enterprises, it is necessary to train deputies to cover holiday or sick leave or absence for any reason from the work base.

All participants will gain a clear knowledge of the current fire safety obligations and what actions they must take on an ongoing basis.

This training will provide them with confidence and heightened awareness, which will serve to keep the people, the business, and the jobs safe as you continue to trade. A sad fact is that very few businesses recover from a serious fire, so fire prevention and fire safety training is the key.

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Course Content

The course includes the following modules:

• Summary of current Legislation & Standards

• Identification of specific role and general fire safety duties

• Presentation on fire safety procedures & practices

• Common causes of fires in Ireland

• Review of your Premises

• Means of Escape

• Review and explanation of Existing Fire Safety Procedures

• Identification of Fire Hazards & common causes of fire

• Fire Prevention Measures & the nature of fires

• Raising the fire emergency alarm

Duration: 3 hours

• Evacuation Procedure & Fire Drill

• Communication with the Fire Service

• Record-Keeping & Fire Safety Register

• Identification of Fire Extinguishers & Fire Prevention Equipment

• Fire Safety Questionnaire

• Live Fire Demonstration using: –

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