General Fire Safety Training

Our general fire safety training is suitable for all management and staff on your premises. This is our most popular course as it provides all participants with a good understanding of: the dangers of fire, what fire safety procedures are actually in place, what they must do in a fire emergency.

We will explain the importance of fire prevention measures in the workplace and all relevant precautions to be taken. All attendees will have a much greater understanding and awareness of the dangers of a  real fire. They will have more confidence should a real a fire situation occur and what actions they should take for their safety and that of their colleagues.

They will receive full supervised training in the safe and effective use of fire extinguishers and fire blankets on a real fire. So, if they need to use a fire extinguisher to make good their escape or extinguish a small fire, they will have the confidence to do that. The other fire safety measures in place are identified including raising the alarm and proceeding safely to their designated assembly point


Duration: The course takes approximately 2-3 hrs

Capacity:  To achieve maximum learning outcomes and the safety of all participants, course capacity is limited to 12 staff members per session. For larger groups please contact us below.

Completion: Certificate in Fire Safety Awareness from Aqua Fire Prevention Ltd.

Topics Covered

Jeanine Murphy,
Group HR Coordinator, NRA

Thank you very much for the training session on fire safety today. It was very valuable and most interesting. We are delighted with the service and appreciate your time.

Bernie Chapman
Quality & Risk Manager, St. Michael's Hospital

Excellent service, tailor-made training which is site-specific and delivered with exceptional knowledge and insight. Always available for advice.

Anthony McMullen,
Chief Engineer, Radisson Hotels

I have used Aqua Fire Prevention for almost 10 years now in various hotels in Dublin and now in Athlone. They are one of the most professional companies I have used - their service and training are excellent.

Irene Summers,

Aqua Fire supply and maintain our fire equipment at all our Colleges/Schools/youth reach/adult Literacy & Training Centres throughout Dublin, 58 in total. They are very professional in their approach and always willing to assist our staff members. Their delivery schedules are always on time and CDETB are very satisfied with their service. We have no hesitation in recommending Aqua Fire Prevention Ltd.

Eodaoin Ledwidge,
Senior Chemist

Hands on training is excellent. Trainer is very knowledgeable and although he is training in a very serious matter, he encourages interaction with each other which helps people to remember the steps to putting out a fire.