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Fire Safety Training

We have designed our fire training programmes to suit a variety of businesses

Types of Fire Training Courses

General Fire Safety

Suitable for all management and staff on your premises. Provides all participants with a good understanding of fire safety.

Practical Fire Safety

A training course suitable and essential for all staff with a live-fire demonstration and a Q&A session


Suited to those who are responsible for overseeing fire safety in your business.

At Aqua Fire we’re here help to you train your staff on what to do in the event of a fire in the workplace.

We make sure the training is informative, practical, engaging and we have a bit of fun along the way too.

On completion of the training course each participant will receive a Fire Safety Certification.

All fire training is delivered by qualified experienced training instructors at your premises to minimize downtime and disruption of the working day. Best of all, it shows staff what to do in their place of work.

Fire safety training is a legal requirement for all employers.

Reasons Fire Safety Training Is So Important

Recognizing Fire Hazards:

Determining what poses a fire risk and what is considered a fire hazard is crucial to understanding how to prevent them from occurring. Preventing fire in the workplace by teaching what can cause a fire is essential.

Fire Risk Assessment:

Look at what needs to be done to prevent a fire, to let everyone know what to do if a fire occurs, and to determine where everyone should go if a fire breaks out. This identifies what poses an increased risk of a fire, what people are at the highest risk, what improvements need to be made to increase fire safety, and how to stop fires from spreading.


If workers are adequately prepared to prevent fires from the beginning, they will be better able to keep the fire from spreading. Teaching the workforce what causes fires shows them how to recognize hazards before a fire occurs.

How to Respond Effectively:

Everyone should know where and how to activate the fire alarm and the safest evacuation route. Practice fire drills give employees confidence when a real fire happens.

Fire safety is a series of active steps designed to keep your workplace safe from potential harm. With proper training, workers can eliminate fire hazards and respond quickly and efficiently if a fire breaks out.

Jeanine Murphy,
Group HR Coordinator, NRA

Thank you very much for the training session on fire safety today. It was very valuable and most interesting. We are delighted with the service and appreciate your time.

Bernie Chapman
Quality & Risk Manager, St. Michael's Hospital

Excellent service, tailor-made training which is site-specific and delivered with exceptional knowledge and insight. Always available for advice.

Anthony McMullen,
Chief Engineer, Radisson Hotels

I have used Aqua Fire Prevention for almost 10 years now in various hotels in Dublin and now in Athlone. They are one of the most professional companies I have used - their service and training are excellent.

Irene Summers,

Aqua Fire supply and maintain our fire equipment at all our Colleges/Schools/youth reach/adult Literacy & Training Centres throughout Dublin, 58 in total. They are very professional in their approach and always willing to assist our staff members. Their delivery schedules are always on time and CDETB are very satisfied with their service. We have no hesitation in recommending Aqua Fire Prevention Ltd.

Eodaoin Ledwidge,
Senior Chemist

Hands on training is excellent. Trainer is very knowledgeable and although he is training in a very serious matter, he encourages interaction with each other which helps people to remember the steps to putting out a fire.