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Fire Extinguishers

Aqua Fire Prevention provides a life-time guarantee on all fire extinguishers we supply.  We supply a full range of fire extinguishers to cater for all categories of fire.

To ensure quality, we only supply quality-guaranteed fire extinguishers which meet the standards set by the NSAI-National Standards Authority of Ireland:

– IS EN 3 standard for fire extinguisher manufacture.

– IS 291: 2015 for fire extinguisher installation and service.

Quality and security of supply is guaranteed because all our products are sourced from Irish and European suppliers.

We also supply a full range of fire safety products.

Aqua Fire Prevention provides a full range of fire safety equipment. In addition to a full range of all fire extinguishers, we supply and fit fire blankets both standard type and welding fire blankets. Fire extinguisher cabinets for outdoor use and for use in transport, trucks & trailers. These are available off the shelf in different sizes from our warehouse stocks. We supply fire hose reels and hose nozzles of all types and sizes. Lay-flat hose, standpipes, couplings and nozzles, all for use with water hydrants to provide a continuous water supply, form part of our fire equipment inventory. 

We have comprehensive fire and safety signs which include but is not limited to Fire Point signs, Fire extinguisher ID signs, fire assembly point signs, Fire Exit Signs, Fire Evacuation Signs, Push Bar to Open signs, First Aid signs and Emergency Exit signs. We supply and fit bespoke signs which can include your company logo using all material types. Signs can be supplied and fitted to all surface types including glass, metal, wood, concrete and pillars/posts. Fire safety signs come in a range of materials and sizes. We stock sticker type signs, PVC, rigid plastic-type signs, aluminium metal signs, wood-backed signs and a wide range of photoluminescent signs. Including:

AQUA FIRE are the only fire prevention company in Ireland that offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on every fire extinguisher they install.

The Quality and security of supply is guaranteed because all our products are sourced from Irish and European suppliers and meet the standards set by the NSAI-National Standards Authority of Ireland.

According to Brendan Mooney, MD of Aqua Fire Prevention, “IRELAND over the last 15 years, have become a dumping ground for poor quality fire extinguishers from the Far East. The quality was so bad that these extinguishers failed to work, or they would discharge their contents in the office or warehouse or wherever they were supplied to.”

Classes of Fire


Class A Fire 

Fires involving ordinary combustible materials of an organic nature such as wood, paper, furnishings, packaging, textiles, pallets etc.   

-Suitable Fire Extinguishers for Class A 

Foam extinguishers, Water Extinguishers & Powder Extinguishers (powder has no cooling properties) 

Class B Fire   

Fires involving flammable liquids such as petrol, diesel, oils and paints etc.   

-Suitable Fire Extinguishers for Class B 

Foam extinguishers, Co2 Gas Extinguishers & Powder Extinguishers (powder has no cooling properties) 

Class C Fire 

Fires involving flammable gasses.  

-Suitable Fire Extinguishers for Class C 

Powder Fire Extinguishers  

Class D Fire  

Fires involving combustible metal materials such as potassium, sodium, aluminium, and magnesium.  

-Suitable Fire Extinguishers for Class D 

Special Type Powder Fire Extinguishers- (request further information here)  

Class F Fire 

Fires involving cooking oils and greases such as animal fats and vegetable oils. Normally associated with deep-fat fryers.  

-Suitable Fire Extinguishers for Class F

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher 

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